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What does each order include?

Every order includes 24 pieces of press-on nails, one nail file, one nail glue, and instructions card.

How do I apply press-on nails? 

1. Clip or file your nails as short as possible. 

2. File the surface of your nails to create a grip between the press-on and the glue.

3. Size matters! Match press-on nails to your natural nail. If you are between sizes, select the smaller size (as long as it is comfortable). 

4. Place a drop of glue on both your nail and the press-on nail.

5. Apply the press-on, making sure the bottom end pushes slightly under your cuticle. Use pressure to hold for 5-10 seconds.

How long do press-on nails last? 

Our press-on nails typically last between 7-14 days if applied and taken care of properly. 

How durable are your press-on nails?

Erase every stereotype about press-on nails you have in your mind. You'd be shocked at how durable these nails are. You can easily tackle all of your day to day missions while wearing your press-on nails. No need to adjust your routine.  

Can I cut or file down the press-on nails?

Absolutely! Once the press-on nails are applied to your natural nails, you can customize them to your desired nail length and shape. Just use a nail cutter or nail file.

Where are all my animal lovers at?

All POM products are proudly cruelty-free and vegan.